Friday, July 2, 2010

Paper on TeraGrid federated identity presented

My long-time colleague Jim Basney recently presented our (along with Terry Fleury) paper on "Federated Login to TeraGrid" at the 9th Symposium on Identity and Trust on the Internet.

This paper represents a culmination of years of work on providing interoperability between InCommon and and high-performance computers and cyberinfrastucture such as the TeraGrid. It also led to the CILogin service, which will provide this interoperability for infrastructure beyond TeraGrid. This infrastructure will allow scientists and other users of high-performance computing to access that infrastructure using their existing campus logins instead of having to get new passwords (or other credentials). This is an important step towards truly integrated computing.

The paper itself (pdf). Jim's presentation (pdf). Jim's poster (pdf). (Many thanks to Jim for making the presentation.)

Updated 8/31/2010: I'm happy to say our paper received the Best Paper award in the Science Gateway Track of the program. I'm very honored.

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